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Blog - A Good Bridesmaid is Always Prepared…..

The kit list

August 2015

With years of experience planning over a hundred unique weddings, we have learnt to expect the unexpected! Ocean Kave’s wedding planners are generally prepared for any eventuality, but there are some things that you should ask you bridesmaids to carry on your wedding day so that you can get hitched without, well, a hitch. 



The Bridesmaids’ bag of wonders should contain everything you may possibly need for your wedding day. Here are some essentials, but feel free to add your own things to the list to help make your day stress free:


mints or chewing gum,
nail file,
sewing kit,
nail glue (if you opted for false ones),
eyelash glue (ditto),
plasters or blister packs,
first aid kit (just in case!),
antihistamine if you are prone to allergies, 
lip balm and your lipstick,
flip flops or comfortable ballet pumps for later in the evening,
wet wipes or stain remover pen to remove marks and spills,
make up bag,
hair grips,
spare tights,
nail varnish: both your colour and clear (for nails, ladders in tights),
double sided clothing tape,
lighter to seal fraying hems or ribbons,

With Ocean Kave’s emergency kit list, the stunning venue and the exquisite Atlantic Ocean in the background, your day will be filled with perfection.