30Mar 22
Ocean Kave Liaises with British Government to Change Wedding Licensing Laws

Ocean Kave Liaises with British Government to Change Wedding Licensing Laws

Anybody that knows Kathy Murdoch know that her driving force is to make the area in which we live better for everyone involved. That means making North Devon a more attractive prospect to young people, generating jobs and bringing wealth into our area, as well as helping our guests to get married in their own unique way.

What’s changed?

Traditionally, wedding licensing legislation meant that people could only get married in a fully licensed enclosed space or a designated outdoor area such as a gazebo. Last year, the government introduced temporary measures to allow civil ceremonies to be conducted in the grounds of a licensed venue. A consultation has since been under way to determine the impact of altering the legislation for both civil and religious weddings and civil partnership. Kathy was honoured to be asked her opinion on the ramifications of easing that legislation and the logistics of making such changes. 

Following the consultation, we are delighted that the Government has made the decision to extend the changes made during the pandemic indefinitely. 

What does this decision mean?

For people planning to get married at Ocean Kave or any other premises licensed for civil ceremonies, this decision means that couples can have their wedding or partnership conducted anywhere on a licensed premises. For Ocean Kave couples, this means that they can take advantage of the incredible cliff-top location or pick any other place within our grounds that feels special to them.

What about the future?

As a result of this consultation there is an intention to extend this legislation change to religious ceremonies, meaning that they, like civil ceremonies, will be able to be conducted in the outside space of a licenced venue. Unlike the change to civil ceremonies, however, these proposed alterations may take some time to be implemented. 

If you are getting married this year

If you are getting married at Ocean Kave or any other venue licensed for civil ceremonies, you can do it anywhere you like, as long as it meets health and safety and other licensing criteria. This is something that Kathy will be happy to discuss with you in the run up to your wedding. 

What the Justice Minister says

Justice Minister Tom Pursglove MP said:

“A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life and it is right that couples should have greater choice in how they celebrate their special occasion.”

“These reforms will allow couples to hold more personalised ceremonies and provide a welcome boost for the wedding sector.”

What we say

Ocean Kave’s Kathy Murdoch says:

“This is a great move for us and for the wedding and tourism industries in general. In times of uncertainty, providing this flexibility allows wedding businesses to invest in their facilities and offer couples truly unique destination weddings. We were, of course, thrilled to be involved in consultations and we are flattered that the Government has used some of our contribution to promote these changes. We are also incredibly proud that the Government used a picture taken at Ocean Kave, captured by the talented Brad Wakefield, to showcase these exciting changes.”