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Wedding Planning Tips: The Three Top Decisions You Need To Make

Wedding Planning Tips: The Three Top Decisions You Need To Make

Engaged? Congratulations! Welcome to the fabulous rollercoaster ride that is planning your wedding.  It may feel like you have thousands of things to consider, but don’t panic while there is a lot to plan and prepare, you don’t have to make every decision at once. Our wedding coordinators have met couples who have been planning their wedding day for years, or some who just stumbled across Ocean Kave, and everything else just fell into place. 

In order to make sure that you plan a day that is about you, there are three key things you need to consider. Here are the top tips from our wedding planners and the hundreds of brides and grooms that we have worked with.

Ok. First up. Numbers. Do you want a massive party, complete with cousins, second cousins, old friends, colleagues and college flatmates? Or do you want something more intimate, with a handful of close friends and relatives? There is no right answer to this; it depends entirely on you and your partner. There are distinct advantages to both, so take the time to think about it before you make your decision (and definitely think about it before you start telling everyone that you have ever met that they are going to be invited!).

If you can’t decide, you could opt for the best of both worlds. We have couples who elope to the coast with us, where they enjoy a romantic ceremony in the Kave and private dining in their five-star cottage alone or with a handful of guests, and then invite everyone they know to the party of the century at a later date.  We also offer our famous Small intimate wedding for couples and up to 30 guests, this wedding experience is a great compromise between the full and elopement weddings.  A beautiful ceremony in the Kave or our View gazebo is followed by a bespoke buffet in the rustic barn – this a great option if you don’t want to hire the whole venue.  Our full Ocean Kave weddings can accommodate up to 120 in the daytime and 160 in the evening in the now world-famous Sunset Rooms with panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean and coastal private grounds.

2. Type Of Wedding
The question of what type of wedding you want is less specific, but actually one of the most important things that you need to consider. Fast forward 20 years and think back on your day. Do you want your wedding photos on a beach, or in a conference room? Do you like the idea of a “destination wedding” where people can stay on-site and enjoy a whole weekend of celebrations, or do you prefer the separation of people arriving and leaving at a set time?

At Ocean Kave, you can have the best of both worlds. The bride and groom can enjoy a luxury bridal cottage for the weekend but, if you would like friends and loved ones nearby (but not too near!), they, too, can hire on-site cottages. Meanwhile, you know that an Ocean Kave Coastal Wedding is truly coastal; no glimpses of the sea of you stand on tiptoe, no sharing your day with other residents or strangers. Just you and the people that you have chosen to be part of your day. Whatever you decide, there will be no sign of corporate events or other guests to mar your day, this is one of the great things about not be a hotel that also offers weddings.

3. Location
One of the first big decisions that you need to make is what type of venue you want to get married at. Historically, the options have been quite limited, but now you can get married on a boat, in a field, in a barn, or even in a cave! So, why would you think of getting married in a hotel? If our brides, grooms and wedding planners could offer one bit of advice, it is this: don’t just assume that hotel weddings are easier, cheaper, or better. By looking around for something a little bit different you will get flexibility throughout the wedding planning process. You will be able to put your own personal stamp on the day, and your wedding will have lashings of Wow Factor. 

Not only is your styling on the day prepared just for you (your wedding styling won’t be the same as the previous one, but with different coloured sashes), every element, from the order of the day, to your bespoke cocktails and canapes and your dining choices, will be created fresh, on the day, to meet your needs. At Ocean Kave, we believe that we should tailor our offerings to suit your needs, not vice versa. 

Inspired? Why not arrange to come and see us? Get in touch to book a night in one of our luxury on-site cottages and view the Kave. Because our weddings are exclusive and completely private, we limit the number of weddings that we offer each year, so visit now to make sure that you get the best dates for you! 

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