06Sep 19
North Devon's first magical midnight elopement wedding

North Devon's first magical midnight elopement wedding

At Ocean Kave, we do our best to make our couples’ wedding dreams come true, no matter how impossible those dreams may seem. So, when Zoey and Chris desperately wanted to get married on August 14th, we didn’t let a silly little thing like the wedding venue already being booked ruin their plans. 

As any former guest will know, Ocean Kave is only available for exclusive hire; the only uninvited guests will be of the four-legged or winged variety. So, of course, back to back weddings on the same day was not an option. Taking into account the couple’s disappointment and the significance of the date, we came up with a plan: a midnight, candlelit elopement. Zoey and Chris loved the idea and chose the evening of 13thAugust for their unique nuptials. 

The couple checked into Paddocks bridal suite in the afternoon of the thirteenth, where they enjoyed a relaxing afternoon and an evening full of indulgent treats and anticipation! There was an extraordinary air of excitement, akin to Christmas Day, as the Ocean Kave staff prepared the venue for the couple’s magical moment. At last, Chris and their beautiful son, Roman, were collected and brought to the venue while Zoey remained in Paddocks to speak with the registrar. Wearing a stunning lace gown and purple bolero, Zoey was brought to the venue, arriving under the twinkling starlit sky at the hush of midnight, with the thick silence hanging with anticipation and magnifying the rolling crash of the waves in the sea below. Roman and his dad both exuded effortless panache, each in a navy suit with emerald green accessories; even Roman’s socks were colour coordinated to match Chris! The Ocean Kave was adorned with candles; an image of fairy tale romance, her son and husband waiting expectantly at the altar.

With only the couple, Roman, Ocean Kave staff, the photographer, Marc Collins of MK Collins Photography, and the senior registrar, Trish Harrogate in attendance, the ceremony itself was intimate, romantic and every bit as magical as the couple had dreamt it would be. Following the service, the couple were served champagne and had photos taken by the talented Marc Collins before being driven back to their honeymoon suite, where they enjoyed a fabulous hamper filled with delicious local delicacies, as husband and wife.

We don’t care how big or small a wedding is; it is our couple’s special moment and whether it is a large wedding or our Elope to the Coast package, we will do everything in our power to make it a day (or night) that will be treasured for a lifetime.   Congratulations Mr & Mrs Dacks; we hope that your perfect, unique wedding is a portent for many happy times ahead for you and your family.

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A message from Trish, the registrar: “So, that was a first for us – a MIDNIGHT wedding at the stunning Ocean Kave in Westward Ho!  A lovely couple and their gorgeous little boy wanting it to be just about them. It was a lovely evening and the Kave looked so romantic with candles galore. The venue was idyllic in silence of the night with just the sounds of the waves below.  We are happy to facilitate ceremonies at any time of the day or night here in Devon – make your ceremony about you and dare to be a bit different!!  Call Devon Registration Service on 0345 155 1002 to discuss your requirements.”