24Apr 20
Why Weekday Weddings Are The New Weekend Events

Why Weekday Weddings Are The New Weekend Events

With the world on lockdown, it is heart breaking seeing the wedding venue empty on days that we know should be filled with laughter and celebration. Our hearts bleed when we think of our disappointed couples who have had to postpone the day of their dreams. 

For couples that have had to postpone their 2020 wedding day, considering a midweek wedding could mean the difference between getting married this year, or next. However, the legacy of the weekend wedding remains, although we are not entirely sure why.  Here are just a few reasons why switching to a mid-week wedding may just be the best decision that you could make:


Ocean Kave, like most exclusive coastal wedding venues, becomes booked up at least a year in advance. While other couples are scrambling to get a specific mid-summer date, you are much more likely to find a date that suits you if you opt for a midweek wedding. This means that you don’t have to wait a year or more to get married.   

Going off-piste usually yields rewards and choosing a weekday wedding is no exception. As with sought after wedding venues, the best suppliers are usually booked well in advance; by choosing mid-week, you are more likely to get your pick of photographer, musician, and florist rather than having to settle for who is available. 

Self-selecting guests

We’ve all been there: you write your guest list determined to keep it simple, but somehow, it just keeps on growing. The inevitable “we ought to invite Sarah if we are inviting Karen” conversation happens, and before you know it, you have a guest list that is at least 10% bigger than you were aiming for. A midweek wedding is a great way of sorting the committed, loved and cherished guests from those that just really love a party with free food and booze. The act of having to take a day off (two, if you are planning on taking full advantage of any free drink) is a great way of testing guests’ commitment, meaning that usually the Sarah’s drop out. 

Before you book your mid-week wedding, check with your key guests – the people without whom your day just won’t be the same – to ensure that they can attend. If you have nieces or nephews taking their GCSEs, or friends or siblings that are teachers or who work shift patterns, it is worth running your dates past them first. 

Avoid the hordes

A bank holiday wedding sounds like a great idea but travelling to a prime holiday destination on a Friday night or Saturday morning in the South West isn’t some guests’ idea of fun. You can avoid traffic jams, delays and hot, stressed guests with a midweek wedding, helping everyone to arrive relaxed, excited and on time. 

Make it the ultimate destination wedding

Destination weddings are great.   Ocean Kave's location on the North Devon coast over looking the Atlantic Ocean make the venue one of the best wedding venues in the South West.  Destination weddings allow you to celebrate your future together with the people who will be part of that journey. However, they are not without pitfalls such as the cost of travel and accommodation making it prohibitively expensive for guests. A midweek wedding at Ocean Kave is the perfect balance! Enjoy a pre-wedding dinner, barbecue, hog roast or party in the on-site rustic barn while up to 60 guests can take advantage of the 14 four-and-five-star luxury holiday cottages. Four-legged friends (canine and equine) are welcome too in our dog friendly self catering holiday cottages.

At Westward Living  (the onsite accommodation at Ocean Kave coastal wedding venue) we offer incredible mid-week rates, which cover Monday-Friday, so you and your guests can spend four nights celebrating in 5* style. 

If there is one thing that wedding planning has shown us, and which the rest of the world has learnt in recent weeks, it is that no amount of planning can change some outcomes. Sometimes, we have to accept what is simply out of control – whether that is the weather, a broken heal or a global pandemic, and use creativity and positivity to make the best of the situation. This is a skill that is valuable for married life – there will be days, weeks – or even months!- when things just don’t go your way but the way that you see the situation and deal with it will make all of the difference. 

If you have postponed your wedding day, don’t despair! Get in touch to find out about the irresistible weekday wedding packages that will make your wedding day truly unforgettable at North Devon's award winning Ocean Kave coastal wedding venue.