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The  most unwanted wedding guest -  COVID-19

The most unwanted wedding guest - COVID-19

17.04.20 - Coronavirus update

Last night the UK Government announced that is extending the lockdown rules for another 3 weeks, this means we will continue to remain closed until at least 21st May 2020.  As there is still limited knowledge as to when the crisis surrounding COVID-19 will end, this date is liable to change.

As always, the safety and wellbeing of our staff, guests & local community in Westward Ho! and Bideford are at the forefront of our decision.  We will ensure that our future guests are provided with as much information as possible as soon as we have any further information to share.

All couples who were due to get married at Ocean Kave in March, April, May and June have been contacted and weddings either cancelled by couples or other arrangements made. Our current closure has meant for some couples that they have been able to claim on thier wedding insurance. If you have a wedding in July we will aim to make contact with you in early May to evaluate the current situation with Government Restrictions and how they may impact on your wedding day.

During this period, we are working on new ways of working safely to ensure both our staff and guests are well informed and practising safe measures surrounding coronavirus when the lockdown finally lifts, and we are permitted to start welcoming guests to our venue and home again.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our home at Duckhaven Stud in the not too distant future and thank you for your ongoing support and patience during this difficult time. 


Coronavirus, COVID-19 – A Message From Kathy And Chris

At Ocean, Kave, our couple and their guests are our first priority. An Ocean Kave wedding is so special because we take the time to make each day as unique and as special as the happy couple. And we achieve this by investing in every couple and building a rapport so that we understand what they need. 

The rise of COVID-19 has caused us to think about what we do to limit risk to our staff, our couples and their guests. The incredible personal relationship that we have with our guests is truly special, and it is not something that we would ever want to compromise. However, you have entrusted one of the most significant milestones of your life to us, and we want to ensure the health and wellbeing of you and all your guests. 

Chris and I would like to assure you that we have stringent and thorough procedures in place to help protect visitors and staff from infection. 

After close consultation with our Health and Safety Advisor, we have produced a robust set of set of additional health and safety protocols. These are based ongovernment guidelinesand will enable us to maintain the excellent relationships that we have with our couples, without putting anyone at risk unnecessarily. 

Known Contact 

We know that you don’t want to spend the first weeks of married life in quarantine, and you certainly don’t want to feel responsible if your loved guests became seriously ill as a result of infection at your wedding day. 

We ask that you contact ALL guests personally to ensure that none of them have knowingly had contact with anyone who has, or may have, COVID-19. If they have returned from a zone 1 region in the last 14 days, or might have had contact with someone who has the virus, we must regretfully request that they don’t attend the wedding. If this does happen, talk to your videographer if you have one (or see if you can get one!); we can arrange a live video link so that they can still be a part of your big day.

Wedding Planning Meetings

While the country waits for the government to take decisive action, many individuals and businesses are making personal choices for the protection of the wider public. We believe that life must go on regardless and we will tackle every challenge that comes our way with efficiency, dignity and grace (hey, we’re wedding planners, it’s what we do!). We need to balance the needs of our customers against the safety of others. We have, therefore taken the choice to limit contact with others. 

As such, until further notice, wedding planning meetings will be conducted via Skype or our couples’ preferred media. If an urgent meeting does need to take place there will be a stringent no physical contact policy will be adhered to; please don’t be offended if we don’t shake your hand or offer you a drink; it’s for your protection as well as ours. 

Taking Precautions

Alongside the above, we are taking the appropriate precautions; we are limiting contact with ALL suppliers and customers which will, in turn reduce your risk of infection. As well as encouraging everyone to wash their hands, there is hand sanitiser available throughout the venue to promote infection control. 

In the Worst Case…

We will do everything we can to ensure that your day is truly magical. We can assure you that the show will very definitely go on as long as it is possible. In the event, however, that you are forced to cancel (due, for example, to government restrictions or a family illness), we strongly advise that you check your insurance policy.

We know that nobody will want to compromise your day, but we can’t emphasise enough how important it is that you and your guests are totally honest about their contact, past travel and health.

Please don’t be afraid to ask us any questions; we are all in the same situation and believe that the good, old fashioned English Spirit will prevail, ensuring that everyone will have a fantastic day, whatever comes. 


Yours sincerly 



Kathy Murdoch,
Managing Director
Ocean Kave